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👋 Hello Everyone,

And welcome snow and Ice ☃️ 🧊 - must mean the new year is here, and so is all of that new year ⚡️

The 2024 TKS Event Schedule

Excited to say we’ll be following a regular cadence of events this year, so make sure to block off the time, and get these dates in the diary. We’ll confirm the specific themes etc, on a quarterly basis.

  • ☕️ Coffee huddles - 1st Friday of the month

  • 🇬🇧 Brit Meet ups - 2nd Friday of the month

  • 🤝 Coworking Days - Last Tuesday of the month


🐶 A special Founder & Furry Friends meet up / walk has been requested. I don’t have a dog, but I LOVE this idea. So if want to come hang with your pooch (or meet folks who have one), come join us in February.

  1. 📆 Event re-cap (are you famous??)

  2. 🫂 Come to a TKS Event (AI Coworking Day Jan 30th is next)

  3. 🛠️ Tools & Resources - fundraising, accelerators, email deliverability…

  4. 📆 Event Calendar: 40+ across NYC

➡️ ps - Love events? Check out our brand new events calendar. It curates what we think are the best founder activities across the city.

📆 Event Re-Cap 📆

Jan 5th Founder Coffee Meet up

The first event of the year - was another waitlist only success. Fab to meet new people, and catch up with favourite friends.

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📆 TKS Community Events 📆

🤖 30th January. AI Edition Coworking Day - Day includes hot desk, networking and 1:1’s with experts from Hatch Labs & Microsoft.

☕️ 2nd February. Coffee Huddle - Small group sessions focused on support, and building meaningful connections. First Friday of every month.

🇬🇧 9th February. British founder Coffee Meet - Small group session with fellow founders from across the pond.

Founder Coworking “The AI Edition”

Experts on the day

Eva Agapaki PhD, AI Professor and founder of Hatch Labs, and Sofia Guzowski, AI & Emerging Tech at Microsoft.

  1. Presentation on "Everything AI"

    1. ​Myths & realities in Generative AI

    2. ​What really makes AI work?

    3. ​Path to Return on Investment (ROI)

    4. ​Tools & Resources​

  2. ​​Free 30 min 1:1 sessions to ask all of your AI-related questions

  3. ​​​Personalised intro's before the event, with attendees whose interests align with yours.

 💬 Recent Conversations 💬

💿 CRM rec’s for a small business. Ideally free or less than $20 a month

  1. Hubspot all the way, assuming you just want a CRM

  2. Monday is the best option i have found

  3. Clientify, have a look and let me know if you want an intro

  4. Attio might be worth exploring

🧾 Invoicing software recommendations, just something basic

  1. Legalzoom, if you used them to incorporate

  2. I like Honeybook

  3. Wave accounting has a free invoicing tool

  4. Xero, my accountant uses it, so i moved to it as well.

📸 Headshot recommendations in NYC?

  1. My favourite is Babaldi Photography. He took wonderful shots of me when i was in commercial work, and needed different looks.

  2. We used Tom Benedict at Carben photography in NYC for our team and individual shots. Great guy, and the results were quick and quality.

  3. Sammy Tunis - I loved the energy, colour and life she captured in mine

🛠️ Tools & Resources 📈

💰 Fundraising & Storytelling

How to's, the role of vulnerability, and using it to connect with your audience. From Hackernoon & Eric Bahn GP at Hustle Fund.

📈 Lead Gen

*Automating Lead Generation* Published by The Hustle Fund - very tactical

📊 2024 Trends

Consumer, Design, even chaos!! Trends that will impact your startup now, and throughout the decade. Compiled by the amazing Space Cadet team - go Wiz.

 📆 Event Calendar 📆

January’s Events…

Our calendar of startup events across NYC, features our take on the BEST events for founders. From pitch nights, to networking events, accelerators and workshops.

➡️ CLICK HERE for the complete list. 50+ founder events

A snapshot of our favourites….

  • Thurs 18th Jan

    • 4:00pm | 🍻 Pitches and Pints: Startup Grind Showcase 




    • 6:00pm | NYC 🗽 AI Founders + Builders Happy Hour 🧨🔥 RSVP

    • 6:00pm |🚦 Startup, Tech & Business Networking NYC


  • 19/1/2024

    • 9:00am | 🏃🏽‍♀️Pitch and Run Friday 


    • 5:30pm | 🌎 ClimateTech Immigrant Founders/Funders Mixer 


  • 23/1/2024 

    • 9:00am | 🍳 January NYC Breakfast Club 


    • 6:00pm | 💬 Tech Female Founders Fireside Chat & Mixer - feat. Terri Burns (Board of Trustees, NYU; Recent Partner, Google Ventures) 


    • 6:00pm | 🥂  Leaders in Impact Happy Hour - meet and discuss all things climate, economic mobility, ed-tech and more


    • 6:30pm | 🧘‍♀️The Grand New Year Soiree - reflect on 2023, and craft 2024 with intention.


  • 24/1/2024 

    • 12:00pm | 💰 How to sell your first 50 customers when your product barely exists 


    • 6:30pm | 🧱 Junto Builder Series 


  • 💙 30/1/2024 

    • 9:30am | 🤖 AI Coworking Day & 1:1’s with Experts - The Knowledge Shop


  • 31/1/2024 

    • 3:30pm | ⚡️Accelerator Outlook for 2024 


    • 6:00pm | 💻 Building the Next Era of the Internet with a16z's Chris Dixon


  • 2/2/2024 

    • 9:00am | ☕️ Founder Coffee Huddle 


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