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  • Mar 10th - Startup rap, startup wins and startup events (get the theme here 😉)

Mar 10th - Startup rap, startup wins and startup events (get the theme here 😉)

Cap tables, models, PR and mouthguards!

Startup rap, Startup wins and Startup Events (see the theme 😉).

Who are we? NYC's in-person founder community. Get involved! Attend an event / join the community. Support us. Volunteer or sponsor a newsletter or event 🚀

And we're back 😁 

We've all heard slow down, slow down, slow down, and now all the SXB chat (see no west coast bank talk 😉😉), you'd be forgiven in thinking the world was ending. YET it isn't.

Deals are being done for those who stay focussed on the end game. So bye bye if you were just playing entrepreneur, and hello to those who actually are!

Yet, you can't just build your startup, you MUST build relationships too. "People buy people", especially important for early founders. And in-person ones are the strongest of them all. If you aren't answering those cold / random emails, I guarantee you neither is anyone else 🤦‍♀️).

So invest in those relationships, grab those coffees and you wont go far wrong.


ps - for some little light relief, or if you missed our last happy hour, check out Baba Brinkman of Event Rap, and his incredible improv' performance about all things startup.

🌟 Knowledge Shop Events 🌟

Mon 20th Mar

☕️ Coffee Huddle. No fighting to be heard. This is your turn to ask the questions in a safe and inclusive space. RSVP 

Wed 29th Mar

🏡 Coworking Day. Join fellow entrepreneurs to work, collaborate, and brainstorm. Phone booths and quiet space aplenty too, because startups don't build themselves! RSVP

👋 Welcome to the community... 👋

  • Flo, founder of Guardlab - customised mouth and sleep guards (even hello kitty ones)!

  • Kate Koraia, - building a saas startup to make all your contracts and client documents.

  • Maher Shaben, founder of FinTech1 - risk management for individual investors

And also, Daniel Vataj, Amanda Dempsey, Emre Goksin, Boaz Descalo, Jeff Katz, Osman Koycu, Ruby, Karen Piscitelli, Sam B, Sarah Lee, Emily Zhu, Raquel de Lavandeyra, Molly Nacey, Chris Balestras and Afraaz Masters.

Come join us - especially you ladies. Will move mountains to make it easier for you to join. DM me with ideas.

🎉 Wins 🎉

✈️ Double win for Tern (travel planning meets AI). First they soft launched, and then were featured in Phocuswire, one of the travel industry's top publications! 

🐧 Sarah and Mel of Picky Penguin (curating the media that your kids consume) onboarded their first 20 users. Believe me when i say, they are a team to watch.

📢 Need to Know 📢

🤫 Ever need a quiet place to work, talk, or just be? RightAvenues, is a data-driven community app, because even New Yorkers deserve Quiet Enjoyment - and they are raising, reach out to learn more! (because even NY senator Brad Hoylman is tweeting about them, to make it easier for New Yorkers to report and track noise issues in the city.

🎤 SXSW is upon us! Watch behind-the-scenes live-stream performances and shows from up and down 6th Street in Austin (even if you aren't there). Select hybrid events will be available 24/7 on the new SubWire platform or iOS app "where fans go live".

🚀 Need something built? Jawad just launched Hap-Tech.com, delivering you top-notch *iOS, *Android and *Web app's. Go check them out, and ping him with any Q's

⁉️ Have a coworking membership? Ever talk to anyone? I've been running a poll about community in them, and would love your thoughts.... (Voting ends 1pm today).

🫶 Quote of inspiration 🫶

|| " The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new".|| Socrates.

Thanks KP for surfacing it on Twitter.

🛠 Resources - keep these safe 🛠


Growth Hacks:

🗽 NYC-wide Events 🗽

Fri 10th Mar

Data Art Exhibition. An annual show featuring works that creatively analyze, interpret and interrogate data made available in NYC’s Open Data Portal. RSVP

Tues 14th Mar 

👥 How to (Legally) Hire Global Contractors. Watch this webinar, to help you avoid breaking any laws! RSVP.

ERA Women Pitch Night. Learn from a panel discussion featuring some of NYC's top women founders and investors, and apply for the opportunity to pitch your startup. RSVP

Wed 15th Mar

The Brexfast Club. With Founder Collective. The clue's in the name. Attendance is by application. APPLY

Pre-Seed investing. Hustle Fund & Precursor Ventures. If i wasn't heading to JKF, I'd be heading here. RSVP

NY Enterprise Technology Meetup. A VC Panel on Today's Enterprise Seed Landscape RSVP

Thurs 16th Mar

Neighbourhood VC Coffee Meet-ups. Organised by Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, with sessions across Brooklyn, Manhattan and Westchester. RSVP

Mon 20th Mar

🌟 Founders Small Group Coffee Huddle. Chat, problem-solve and brainstorm current startup challenges in an intimate and inclusion space. RSVP

Take Your Story to the Next Level and Land Your Pitch (Female Founders). January Ventures & Kelly Lyons. APPLY

Tues 21st Mar

Building a health-tech startup. A talk with three founders, about their experience, advice and reflections on building a healthtech company in 2023! RSVP

Thurs 23rd Mar

👥 Mental Health for Black and Brown Women. Join this online conversation, because this is not an optional subject. RSVP

Building your circle. Join the NYC chapter of Women in Tech, and panelists from the Witt Collective, Republic and New Women New Yorkers.  RSVP

Fri 24th Mar

How i raised my Seed round. A panel discussion organised by Brooklyn Bridge Ventures. RSVP

Tues 28th Mar

Female Founders Fireside Mixer. Meet like-minded individuals, and share insights and ideas, hearing from Robin Li, Principal at GGV Capital. RSVP

Wed 29th Mar

🌟 Knowledge Shop Coworking Day. Join fellow entrepreneurs to work, collaborate, and brainstorm. Phone booths / quiet space aplenty too. RSVP

Brex Supper Club. Brex and Wischoff Ventures are hosting. Attendees even get a VERY fancy hoodie (per Twitter at least). APPLY

And that's it for today. See you Wed 29th at Primary.