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Startups for the holidays | NYC Event Calendar - The Knowledge Shop

🚀 Wins, launches and things to read to build your startup rocket

​⭐️ Who are we? the founder community in NYC. Don’t build a startup alone.

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👋 Hiya,

And just like that Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

And with the holiday season fast approaching, founders in DTC and retail are working flat out to get products launched and shipped out.

To help show them a little love and support, below you’ll find a list of some of our favourite brands within the TKS community - and if you’re not featured, but want to be - make sure to ping me.

Happy shopping,


Coming up in this issue…

  1. 🥂 Come to a TKS Event (Happy Hour Nov 21st)

  2. 🎁 Holiday Gifts from these amazing founders

  3. 💬 Join the conversation - “Incorporation”

  4. 👋 Welcome to the hood

  5. 🚀 Wins & Launches

  6. 📚 Financial reading - resources galore

  7. 📆 Event Calendar: ~50 to choose from across NYC

See you guys soon,


➡️ ps - Love events? Check out our brand new events calendar. It curates what we think are the best founder activities across the city.

➡️ pps - Do you need business development help?

Sometimes startups don’t work out, but one founder’s loss, could be your dream come true. If you are looking for an experienced and amazing go-getter / self-starter of a B.D, contact Sherry Riad.

📆 Our TKS Community Events 📆

☕️ 17th November. WAITLIST ONLY Coffee Huddle - Small group sessions focused on support, and building meaningful connections.

🍹 21st November. Happy Hour - Free drink for first 30 founders to arrive - thanks to HONEYCOMB SOFTWARE for sponsoring the drinks 🙏

🇬🇧 30th November. Coffee Huddle - British founders in NYC - Small group session with fellow founders from across the pond.

🎁 Holiday Gifting 🎄

🍑 For when you are hosting, and need it to be 🔥

Cheeky Cocktails

Premium syrups and juices for the home and bar

🏃🏽‍♀️ For when you are running from party to party

Resist Nutrition

Making it easy (and delicious!) to eat for balanced blood sugar & hormones on the go.

🏕️ For a gift that gets you outdoors


Women’s outdoor brand and community 

👠 For when you can’t decide what to wear

Kara Mac Shoes

A single boot, multiple looks.

🍹 For when you’re bringing the party to them

Wandering Barman

Hand crafted cocktails, bottled

🐱 For you and the furry friends in your life

Archie & Alfred

Dog walking accessories made functional

🐶 For the furry friends who need a lifestyle overhaul

Peterra Kitchen

Plant based treats for puppies and kittens

📖 For a moment of quality time with the kids

Whimsy Books

Custom hardcover books, that through AI vividly reflect your child’s imagination, bringing their dreams to life in a one-of-a-kind, enchanting literary adventure.

 💬 Join the conversation - “Incorporation Tips” 💬

  • Incorporation Tips. Anything you learnt after taking the plunge, that you wish you’d known before (likely starting as an NY LLC).

    • Answer 1

      • Double-check the name is spelled correctly in all official documents. One time, when I used an agency to do the paperwork, they misspelled it, and I had to issue a name change with the state.

    • Answer 2

      • If you are a single member LLC you can pass through business costs on your personal income statement. It’s just a matter of filling out a 1040

    • Answer 3

      • "You should take a decision based on few factors;

        1. What is your growth plan ?

        2. S-corp has single tax vs C- corp has double tax 


        3. Investor usually prefer C-corp, If you are raising money using different sources HNI, VC etc. you need C-corp."

    • Answer 4

      • It’s so easy to set up a Delaware C-Corp (online platforms like Clerky etc will do it in minutes) - don’t worry about what investors want, wait until investors tell you what they want. Worry about yourself / the business and tax implications for yourself first. 

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😊 Welcome to the ‘hood 😊

A big 👋 and hello to some of our newer members, including...

  • Jasper Huang, co-founder of Lunar Accel, a high-impact AAPI leadership development nonprofit.

  • Sal Campo, based in Princeton, NJ, transitioning from 15 years in pharma drug development, now part of Google's Verily Life Sciences since July. Eager to connect with new faces and share experiences!

🏆 Wins & Launches 🚀

Pay anyone, anywhere, instantly

Blaze is raising!

We’re a payments app for nomads looking for $1.5m 💰
Think the convenience of Venmo with the efficiency of USDC on blockchain.

Founded by experienced entrepreneurs with a successful VC-backed startup history.

Contact Faiyam Rahman  🚀

From the founders of Anise Health… 

a dedicated social impact fund that will subsidize our innovative care model for the Asian community to empower more people to access effective mental healthcare.

Please share this free mental health resource for anyone in need!

Contact Alice Zhang ⛑️

“Instant calmness, anytime, anywhere”

Just launched on Testflight, we’re a mental wellness app, harnessing the science of sounds, it targets persistent postpartum depression, offering therapeutic sounds for daily routines. Join us on this journey to promote well-being.

Contact Jimin Park 🎵

 📖  Featured Reads “Financials” 📈

📈 Financial Models

From Pillar.vc, here’s a great template to use if / when you are asked for a financial model. They also have loads of other founder resources, check out their “Startup resources” section.

🌍 Calculating Market Size

From Pear.vc, dive into market sizing with this comprehensive guide: Learn to calculate TAM (Total Addressable Market), SAM (Serviceable Addressable Market), and SOM (Serviceable Obtainable Market). Understand the nuances to make informed business decisions. Explore the guide for a strategic market analysis!

🗞️ Investor Updates


Crafting an Investor Update? Check out this template: Link by Hustle Fund for tips. Keep it concise, highlight wins, address challenges transparently, and showcase your growth trajectory. Engage your investors with a compelling update!

 📆 Event Calendar 📆

Our calendar of startup events across NYC, features our take on the BEST events for founders. From pitch nights, to networking events, accelerators and workshops.

➡️ CLICK HERE to choose from ~50 events across NYC

See you on Nov 21st

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