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Everything NYC Founder | Gift Guide | Event Calendar - The Knowledge Shop

🚀 Wins, Networking and Shoutouts to boost your rocketship

​⭐️ Who are we? the founder community in NYC. Don’t build a startup alone.

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👋 Hiya,

Hope everyone who celebrated had an amazing Thanksgiving, and you’ve finally eaten the last of the turkey curry! 🦃

The end of the year is coming up fast, but things are not slowing down. Still a load of events, continued discussions around fundraising in it’s different forms, and of course plenty of 2024 planning.

Our Gift Guide is growing, so if you still have shopping to do, now is the perfect time to support a fellow founder. Or if you want to be able to let off a bit of steam after a hard days work, make sure to check out our the NYC events calendar that we’ve curated.

🤨 Which events should we organise next?

Help us choose what to prioritise for next year. We’d love your input to help ensure they are as impactful as possible. Vote / comment on this poll 🤩

Coming up in this issue…

  1. 🍹 Happy Hour re-cap (are you famous??)

  2. 🫂 Come to a TKS Event (Coffee Huddles 30th & 8th)

  3. 🎁 Holiday Gift inspiration (from amazing NYC founders)

  4. 👋 Welcome to the hood

  5. 🚀 Wins & Launches

  6. 📚 Financial reading - resources galore

  7. 📆 Event Calendar: 40+ across NYC

🇬🇧 For Brits in NYC, see you for our founder’s coffee tomorrow, and for everyone else, see you all soon.


➡️ ps - Love events? Check out our brand new events calendar. It curates what we think are the best founder activities across the city.

🍹 Happy Hour Re-cap 🍹

Thank you to everyone who came out for last week’s happy hour.

I hope you all had a great time, met some fab people, and if you opted in to our "Intros" feature - in collaboration with Meet in 10, we hope that you had some even richer conversations (not too late to follow up, if you haven't connected yet).

And one final thank you to Olena and HONEYCOMB SOFTWARE for providing the drinks 🙏.

🚀 Want to Sponsor a Future Event?

Get in touch and help our amazing founders in 2024 💪

📆 TKS Community Events 📆

🇬🇧 30th November. Coffee Huddle - British founders in NYC - Small group session with fellow founders from across the pond.

☕️ 8th December. WAITLIST ONLY Coffee Huddle - Small group sessions focused on support, and building meaningful connections.

🎁 Holiday Gifting 🎄

💩 For when you’ve got to go 💩


We believe fiber should make you crap, not taste like it.

🔥 For when you need to burn something

Virgins On Fire Candle Co.

Funny and subversive candles with names like, "F*ck It, I'm Buying a Cabin," and "Foreclosed Gingerbread House."

A gay-owned small business.

📚 For when you need a gift for everyone


Book recommendations and book talk from across the web — all in one platform, with easy purchasing.

🧦 For when you want a gift with impact

Stand 4 Socks

Socks for comfort, sustainability, fun and impact.
For every pair bought, one pair is donated to help someone in need.

🤫 For when you need discretion

Medly NYC

New York City’s most trusted delivery service committed to the safety and well-being of our customers, especially women and queer people.

💅 For your hands and your heart


Gifts for beauty lovers who always have their nails done!

🐶 For your furry friends and the planet

Terra Tails

Environmentally conscious products for the health and happiness of pets

😌 For a moment of zen

hustle + flo™

We magnify the healing potential of natural alternatives, particularly CBD to complement holistic wellness.

🍸 For a gift worth talking about

Harridan Vodka

Female-owned, premium vodka handcrafted in NY from local, organic ingredients. It’s complex, sippable flavor, will win over even the biggest vodka skeptic.

😊 Welcome to the ‘hood 😊

A big 👋 and hello to some of our newer members, including...

  • Sidharth Gupta, software developer, exploring the intersection of Tech and Mental health. Love woodworking, Meditation, Yoga and Hiking.

  • Alex Meredith, cofounder of Honest,focussed on all things product growth and strategy. In a former life, led product growth at Minibar, before it was acquired.

🏆 Wins & Launches 🚀

Event Rap

Supporting your mental wellbeing is crucial for entrepreneurs.

Baba Brinkman, the founder of Event Rap, just released his latest single on exactly that topic. 💿

Contact Baba Brinkman  🎤

📖  Featured Reads “Growth & Financials” 📈

📈 State of the Pre-Seed / See Market

Compiled by Forum Ventures, this report shows funding insights by industry, deal flow, cheque size and more. Some fascinating stats.

💰 VC’s currently deploying capital

Thanks to Alex Pattis from Riverside Ventures, and investor in Thunder.vc for sharing. Designed to a) help founders navigate the VC landscape and b) see which they are connected to on Linkedin.

💪 B2B Saas Growth Sheet

Think diff ways to test monetisation etc. Some old, some new, but great reminder and practical tips.

 📆 Event Calendar 📆

Our calendar of startup events across NYC, features our take on the BEST events for founders. From pitch nights, to networking events, accelerators and workshops.

➡️ CLICK HERE to choose from 40+ startup events across NYC

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